Be Sure to Be Accessible

Be Sure to Be Accessible

So you are considering having creating a new website online? You want this website to be wide-spread and bring in lots of viewers. This is a worthy goal, but you need to remember that as you are drawing a crowd, you are drawing in all sorts of people. You are attracting those who seem to speak computer lingo as a second language and then those who just barely learned how to surf the web. Don’t under-estimate the wide-range of viewers you may attract. Just because your topic may be current automobile trends or the latest in Hollywood fashion, you will get all types.

Try to be considerate of this. Arrange your website in a manner that can easily be maneuvered by all. While you don’t have to make it pre-school simple, you do need to make the links obvious to find and the information clear and precise. There is nothing more frustrating then sifting through dozens of adds or scanning through a page over-crowded with graphics to locate a link to get to some needed information.

Typically “accessibility” is in direct reference to making a website available and usable by those who may not use computers in what is considered the average way. For example, those with hand or arm injuries, who can’t take advantage of a keyboard need to access the computer through non-tactile ways using speech-recognition software. It is important that a website is “accessible” to interphase with these different programs used by those with disabilities.  You should also be “accessible” to your consumers by responding quickly to email inquires and sending documents via Metrofax faxing to ensure you are giving customers the necessary information in the most timely manner possible.

It is also important though to remember that just as you may have some hesitations about computer technology, there are probably others who feel the same way. They want to come to your website and feel comfortable moving around in it and feel they are fully able to access the information they are looking for. So keeping a website simple, but attractive and interesting, can help boost the amount of viewers who come to visit.

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